Hello and welcome to my website.

I´m an amateur photographer based in Dortmund, Germany.
My photos were taken over the years during my forays into the real world.

Me @ Work
Thoughts on Photographs

I never vignet my photographs.
Vignetting means to fade out unwanted parts of a photograph to draw the attention of the viewer to the main subject of the photograph.
Every time I see vignetting in other people´s photographs, I cringe. A photograph is always made worse by a vignette.
If parts of a photograph can be faded out, then they don´t belong to that photograph.

Image Format
Why are photographs rectangular ? Rectangular things are easy to manufacture and transport. That's it ? That's all ?

Earth, Cameras, and me
The world is an amazing place, 5.4 billion years old, 3.5 billion years of evolution, thousands of years of human culture and technical development. Then there are these modern cameras, which are nothing short of wizadry. With that in mind I'm always hesitant to claim, I "created" an image. I´m only the middleman.

Beware of photographers, who ...
...vignet their photographs.
...sign their photographs, especially if the signature is curvated and elegant.
...include the word "art" in the title of their social media pages.
...share photographs of their gear.
...photograph their own shadow.
...use advertising posters as a major part of their image because they think it´s funny to juxtapose the image of the poster and the person in front of them.

Dear street photographers in New York,
your photos are not good photos just because they are taken in New York.

What is the point ...
...of taking another photo of the Taj Mahal ?

...like plaid shirts people wear: I avoid them in photographs, because they distract the viewer. I think the human mind is primed to recognize patterns and gives patterns more weight than other elements of

Letters and Words...
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